These kids can’t sit still. And that’s exactly the Point.

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There’s a new program on the rise and it’s making kids smarter and healthier at the same time.

Scott Ertl, an elementary school counselor in North Carolina, felt the only time he had to read a book was while exercising on a stationary bike at the gym. That gave him a brilliant idea.

“I bet a bunch of kids would find it fun to read while exercising… we could get some exercise bikes and give it a shot.”

Ertl discussed it with the school principal and the experiment began.

It started with a single exercise bike in the corner of the classroom. It was so well received, Ertl knew he needed more.


He browsed Craigslist until he had enough to fill a spare classroom, and gave the program a name: Read and Ride.

Teachers signed their classes up for 15-20 minute blocks of time in the Read and Ride room, and students brought a book or an educational magazine.

Data shows that reading test scores and proficiency were up for students involved in the program – and the more time students spent in the Read and Ride room, the better they did on state reading tests.


So if you’ve got an exercise bike collecting dust, consider finding out if a school nearby would like to have it donated.



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