The Broccoli: Episode 4: Through the Rain (Experimental)

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This episode of “TheBroccoli” is from a abstract perspective.  Following the Broccoli City Founder Brandon McEachern through the 2015 Broccoli City Festival in Washington, DC.

“Most people stop doing what they’re doing before they get to their taste.”

The final execution of ideas rarely encompasses the breadth and chaos of trials involved in the journey. More importantly, a moment cannot be divorced from the time it exists in. As we were celebrating the earth and life at the Broccoli City ‪#‎BCFest‬ in DC on April 25, the city of Baltimore was in unrest 40 miles away and that energy was infused in this year’s festival…through the rain.

A look at the festival through the eyes of festival organizers as part of our continued efforts to bridge the gap between environmental and food justice and urban communities.



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The Broccoli: Episode 4: Through the Rain (Experimental) from #theBroccoli on Vimeo.

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