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People tell me all the time that they would love to become a vegetarian but do not know where to start. Walking away from something you have known all your life is very hard. A vegetarian diet takes a lot of self discipline. A vegan diet, is even more discipline. Some people do not know the difference between the two. Although, they both require taking meat out of your diet, they are still very different.


Lacto Vegetarian: Lacto-vegetarians do not eat red or white meat, fish, fowl(turkey) or eggs. However, lacto-vegetarians do consume dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt.

Ovo Vegetarian: Ovo-vegetarians do not eat red or white meat, fish, fowl or dairy products. However, ovo-vegetarians do consume egg products.

Lacto-ovo vegetarian: Lacto-ovo vegetarians do not consume red meat, white meat, fish or fowl. However, lacto-ovo vegetarians do consume dairy products and egg products. This is the most common type of vegetarian.

These are not really vegetarian diets but, they are on track to becoming a vegetarian. Therefore, they deserve an honorable mention.

Pollotarian diets only eat poultry and fowl. They do not eat red meat or seafood.

Pescetarian diets only eat fish and seafood. They do not eat red meat, white meat or fowl.

Flexitarian diets consume some meat but they try to limit their meat intake. However, their diet is almost entirely plant-based.
Not only do they not consume any meat at all, vegans do not consume ANYTHING that even comes from an animal. That includes eggs (even though whether or not eggs are meat is debatable) and dairy. Vegans do not even consume honey, beeswax and any other animal by-product ingredients or products. Vegans typically do not use animal products such as silk, leather and wool, as well.

So, now that we have that out of the way. Lets focus on the real question; How can I become vegan? Becoming vegan has been a journey for me, personally. I am from the south so I love all the “good” stuff. But here is how I did it;
 Step ONE:  Take it slowly with MEATLESS MONDAYS which is just not eating any type of meat on Mondays. You can choose from a variety of different options. For breakfast, opt for cereal, yogurt, bagels, toast, etc. Lunch, try a veggie burger! If you are on the go, Burger King has Morning Star veggie burgers now! And for dinner, order a pizza. Get creative! Once you get use to this, expand it to other days.

*You are now a FLEXITARIAN

Step TWO: Now, lets cut out the pork. Eat everything except for pork. Once you get the hang of this, move on to STEP THREE.

Step THREE: Cut out all of your red meat. This means the burgers, the steaks, the ribs, etc. You can do it, I believe in you!

Step FOUR: Cut out all of the chicken. This was hard for me because, I loved chicken! But I did it, and so can you.

*You are now a PESCETARIAN

Step FIVE: Cut out all of the seafood. Due to pollution in our waterways, eating too much seafood is highly advised against because of the levels of Mercury anyway. Besides, have you heard about the shrimp and lobster?
You’ve made it! You are now a vegetarian with zero meat in your diet. CONGRATULATIONS! Keep up the good work.
Step SIX: Lets take it a step further. You have taken all of the meat out of your diet. Now, lets take out animal by-products (anything that comes from an animal) such as milk, eggs, and .. wait for it .. CHEESE! This was the hardest part for me. But you’ve got this. Once you accomplish this step, you are now VEGAN!

The animals will thank you.

No one expects you to get through these steps within days, weeks or even months. It may take you years but it is a step in the right direction. Go at your own pace and keep you eyes on the prize.

If you need help with going vegan, check out the greatest vegan video of all time.
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