7 Habits For A Mindful, Stress-Free Morning Routine

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1. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than your usual time.

Wake up to meditative music or another gentle sound (it’s a big relief from the screech of an alarm). Think about it literally: A fire alarm clock sound is a much more stressful way to start your day than ocean waves.

Choose your sound wisely: This extra half-hour will allow you to ease into the new day. Next up:

2. Name five things out loud that you’re grateful for.

These could be things that happened the previous day or more general parts of your life. The point is that an attitude of gratitude will automatically shift the way you see, feel, and do everything throughout the day to a better place.

Now, get out of bed and wake up your body with some light stretches and deep breathing.

3. Ignore your devices.

Emails, texts, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest will still be there after you’ve had time to really be with yourself. Social can wait.

4. Meditate.

Learning how to meditate is one of the best investments you can make in yourself; the benefits are astounding, including a sense of inner peace, an enhanced ability to concentrate, a greater capacity for creativity, and an all-around sense of well-being.

There are a number of forms of meditation including Vedic, which I do, and Transcendental Medication. What’s most important is that you find the practice that works best for you.

5. Enjoy a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice.

This concoction not only delivers hydration and a healthy dose of vitamin C, but it also aids digestion and, because it’s full of pectin, helps keep hunger pangs at bay.

6. Write down a daily intention for yourself.

For example, commit to making one healthy change, whether it’s having a green smoothie or salad, taking a long walk, or cutting back on your caffeine intake. Hold yourself accountable to sticking to your one healthy habit.

If you’d prefer, instead of writing it down, choose to say your intention out loud while looking yourself squarely in the mirror.

7. Prepare for the next morning the night before.

In the evening, select your outfit and shoes for the next day and set them out where you can quickly slip into them. Put a lemon on the counter, ready to slice. Prep your lunch and healthy snacks such as carrots, pepper sticks, or apple slices, so that you can grab and go.

Life is precious. Our bodies are our temples. Make sure you have the best day possible by giving yourself and your body the respect they deserve in the morning.



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