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The toughest part about losing someone or something you love isn’t saying goodbye. It is trying to find the courage to go on and learn how to live without them.

It seems the more you loved, the more painful the passing. Death, divorce, breakups, and other kinds of loss can produce an emptiness in the heart. Losing a loved one can allow us to go deeper into our souls and see what we value most. It’s not always a bad thing.

Are you going though a major loss? Death, divorce, a breakup, and losing a loved one are all natural parts of life, but that doesn’t make experiencing them any easier.

We don’t have to wait for tragedy to start living with purpose.

Losing my beloved family dog forced me to reflect on my own life and check in to see if I’m living fully. But you don’t have to wait until you lose someone you love to make the most out of your life. Start living a fulfilling life now by asking these 10 questions.

1. What am I taking for granted?

2. How can I show my appreciation for others?

3. What can I do to take care of those I love?

4. How can I be more present?

5. Who am I blaming or mad at?

6. Who do I need to forgive?

7. Where can I be more accountable and what am I responsible for?

8. What am I thankful for?

9. How can I take better care of myself?

10. What action do I need to take to make sure I have no regrets?


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