Monsanto Sues Maui County Over GMO-Ban Law





HONOLULU (AP) — Two agricultural companies are suing Maui County to challenge a new law banning the cultivation of genetically modified organisms.

Monsanto Co. and a Dow Chemical Co. unit filed the lawsuit in federal court in Honolulu on Thursday. They’re asking a judge to immediately prevent the law from taking effect and to invalidate the measure. County voters narrowly passed a ballot initiative last week that imposes the ban.

Monsanto Vice President John Purcell says the law interferes and conflicts with long-established state and federal laws that support the safe and lawful cultivation of GMO plants. The initiative’s authors sued the county in state court Wednesday to ensure the county implements the law.

Maui County spokesman Rod Antone says the county is unable to comment because of pending litigation.



10 Ways to Make a Great First Impression





As the old saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. Therefore, it’s important to always be on your game and prepared to deliver a memorable introduction.

So, whether you’re preparing to pitch a potential client for business or looking to meet that special someone, the following list offers effective tools to help you seal any deal that comes your way.


1. Smile. This seems obvious but smiles can communicate more than words can say. Putting a smile on your face makes you look and feel confident, positive and energetic. [Read more…]




Farmers Market Two

Location: Located at 900 4th Street SW, at the corner of 4th and I Streets Southwest.

Nearest Metro: Waterfront-SEU (Green Line). For more public transportation options please visit

About this Market: Located on the hallowed grounds of Christ United Methodist Church, Aya @SW Waterfront provides us with high foot traffic, close proximity to public transportation and incredible community support from the span of diversity represented in Ward 6. With an aligned set of values centered around impacting the Southwest community, CUMC makes a great partner. Come on down and join us in Southwest D.C. — a.k.a. “The Little Quadrant that Could” — and enjoy the many great destinations in the area such as Arena Stage, Nationals Stadium and the Wharf.

For all the info





Looking for something cool to get into this weekend? The good folks at have you covered with their “Draw The Line NYC” rally against climate change on Sunday, September 21, in New York City.

Last year’s effort to raise awareness around this critical issue attracted over 10,000 people in Washington, DC. This Sunday, expects an upwards of around 100,000 in the Big Apple.

“The point is to put more pressure into the global and national political systems. A march isn’t very subtle – it is a way of saying ‘there are a lot of people who want serious action commensurate with science, not your endless speechmaking,’” co-founder Bill McKibben said an email to Politico.

For more information on how you can get down with this great cause, access the link provided below:


Sustainability: Every Little Bit Helps




By Leslie Vandever


“Sustainability.” We toss the word around like a beach ball, but what does it really mean? The root word, “sustain,” means to “strengthen or support physically or mentally,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary. “Sustainability,” though, primarily means “able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.” The secondary meaning reads “conserving an ecological balance by avoiding the depletion of natural resources.”


Ah. That’s it.


When we talk about sustainability as it pertains to ecology, we’re actually talking about taking good care of our only home—Earth—even as we use its bounty to live healthy, comfortable lives. The word means using those resources—the air, the water, the land and everything that goes with them—without totally using them up or destroying them.


Until the Industrial Revolution, which started around the second half of the 19th Century, humankind had little effect on the Earth’s overall health. But with the advent of railroad, the cotton gin and factories; fossil-fueled internal combustion engines, automobiles, and machinery; the migration from the farms to the cities—and then back out of the cities into the ever-growing suburbs, with the automobile the preferred mode of transportation—the scale tipped out of balance.


Today, we know what we need to do to tip it back. But with a world population of an estimated 7.2 billion people, it’s going to take far more than good intentions. Governments all over the planet are grappling with the intertwined problems of air and water pollution, energy production and conservation, the destruction of land and wildlife, trying to work out how to fix it all Before It’s Too Late.


But what about the little guys? You and me? What can we do to make living our lives in these times gentler and less damaging to the little bit of the Earth and its resources we interact with and consume? Here are some answers.


Personal Sustainability Ideas

There are a lot of small things you can do every day that can help to increase sustainability. These are just a few:

  • Go vegetarian for a while each week. For two days out of seven, for instance, or try skipping meat for at least one meal each day.
  • Buy reusable cloth bags for your groceries and make use of any plastic grocery bags you have already for other things.
  • Get a reusable water bottle and refill it at home from the tap. Stop buying and tossing out used plastic water bottles. Consider a reusable coffee mug for your fill up at the coffee shop, too.
  • Recycle household waste: plastics, aluminum, cardboard, and glass.
  • Compost vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, etc. for your garden.
  • Set your household thermostat for 66 degrees Fahrenheit or below in winter. In the summer, set it for 80 degrees or higher.
  • Wash all your laundry in cold water using a biodegradable detergent. Then, line-dry your laundry if you can.
  • Make sure your house is well-insulated.
  • Install low-flow shower heads, faucets and toilets, and limit your shower time to five minutes or less. Time yourself!


In Your Car and at Work

Driving a car helps to degrade your local air quality and contributes to climate change. But there are ways to lessen the impact. Try these ideas for the workplace, too:

  • Get regular maintenance and tune-ups for your car. Keep your tires properly inflated to increase gas mileage by up to 10 percent.
  • Try to run all your errands in one trip, rather than taking several short trips. Consider riding your bike instead of driving your car.
  • Use cruise control on the highway.
  • Avoid rapid acceleration, braking and speeding.
  • Take public transportation, car-pool, or ride your bike to work.
  • Use both sides of a sheet of paper before adding it to the recycle bin.
  • Turn your computer off and unplug it at the end of the day. Or, make sure it goes into hibernation mode to conserve energy.
  • Print documents only when you really have to.
  • Turn off office lights if they’re not needed.


While each of these ideas are small by themselves the more people incorporate them into their daily life a large sustainable difference will be seen.


Leslie Vandever is a professional journalist and freelance writer with more than 25 years of experience. She lives in the foothills of Northern California.




Broccoli City Festival (LA)



Super Excited for our LA Edition of #BCFEST!

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Urban Algae Canopy Produces Oxygen Equivalent of Four Hectares of Woodland Every Day


Forming part of the Future Food District project curated by Carlo Ratti Associati, the Urban Algae Canopy marks the culmination of six years worth of research. A custom designed ETFE cladding system, which consists of three layers and was designed with the help of Taiyo Europe, enhances the already exceptional properties of the microalgae organisms. Special CNC welding technology, on the other hand, enabled ecoLogicStudio to alter the canopy’s morphology and control the dynamic behavior of the water that courses through the structure to act as a medium for the living organisms.

This intersection between technology and biology means that when the sun shines more intensively, the algae would photosynthesise and grow, which in turn reduces the transparency of the canopy and provides more shade. With mico-algae as the foundation of the canopy, it is inherently responsive, which means visitors will be able to influence the building’s behavior in real-time. At any given time, the transparency, color and shading potential of the canopy will be the product of the interrelationships between climate, micro-algae, visitors and digital control systems.

From Inhabitat



Presidents Day




Surreal Photo Manipulations by Caras Ionut



Photo artist Caras Ionut lives in the world of Photoshop where he digitally assembles surreal landscapes and portraits using largely his own photography. To see [Read more…]


The Difference Between Porn & Real Sex Explained With Food



If you’ve ever watched porn, and if you’ve ever had sex, you know that the two are very different. But what are the differences, specifically? watch the video! [Read more…]


Javier Pérez



Here is an illustrator and art director who comes from the equator. Javier Pérez performs here a fun series with photos on his Instagram account. Check them out [Read more…]


Meditation for Beginners: 10 Practical Tips


Meditation is the art of focusing 100% of your attention in one area. The practice comes with a myriad of well-publicized health benefits including increased concentration, decreased anxiety, and a general feeling of happiness.

Although a great number of people try meditation at some point in their lives, a small percentage actually stick with it for the long-term. This is unfortunate, and a possible reason is that many beginners do not begin with a mindset needed to make the practice sustainable. [Read more…]


Corporate Portraits of Middle-Aged White Women With ‘Black’ Hairstyles



Can I Touch It?” is a portrait project by photographer Endia Beal showing professional middle-aged white women donning “black” hairstyles. According to Slate, Beal took the women to a black salon in Woodstock, New York, set them up with a “black” hairstyle (not of their choosing), and photographed them in a traditional corporate portrait (“even if they weren’t happy with the result”). [Read more…]


First Look at Disney’s AVATAR LAND


James Cameron’s Avatar blew a lot of people away back in 2009, and it’s going to be really interesting to see how the sequels turn out. But in the meantime, here is some really cool concept art giving us out first look at Avatar Land, which will being set up at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They are bringing the world of Pandora to life, and it looks like it will be pretty spectacular. The plan is to complete it by 2017. [Read more…]


17 Sex Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


Article via
The following is an excerpt from “1,227 Quite Interesting Facts” [W.W. Norton, $15.95], a collection of difficult to believe yet entirely true miscellanea, assembled by the creators of British quiz show, “QI.”

1. One in ten European babies is conceived in an IKEA bed.

2. Alfred Kinsey, author of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948), had a collection of 5 million wasps and could insert a toothbrush into his penis, bristle-end first.

3. British spies stopped using semen as invisible ink because it began to smell if it wasn’t fresh.

4. A single sperm contains 37.5 MB of DNA information. One ejaculation represents a data transfer of 15,875 GB, equivalent to the combined capacity of 62 MacBook Pro laptops. [Read more…]


Sugar Series



Focus on this excellent series and collection by photographer Emily Blincoe based in Texas. All candy and sweets were stored and arranged in colors and themes. Everything is to be discovered through its “Sugar Series.” [Read more…]





Artwork by Felipe Luchi [Read more…]


Landscapes Made from Food



Artist and photographer Carl Warner began his career in landscape and still photography, working many years in the advertising industry. Seeking new inspiration and direction one day, he happened upon a market with Portobello mushrooms that reminded him of trees from an alien world. This would become his first foodscape and the start of a new and exciting direction in his career. See All [Read more…]