3 Lessons that Will Bring Compassion to Your Life and the World

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“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” ~Dalai Lama

All the spiritual traditions at their core teach compassion, and that’s for a good reason: to be compassionate means to be at peace with yourself and the world.

Unfortunately, in the competitive society that we live in, we are far from compassionate. We are harsh on others, we fight against others, and we’re doing anything we can to prove our superiority over them.

The competitive spirit of the modern world has affected us deeply, but it is in our hands to change this, at any moment we wish–starting from ourselves.

Here are 3 important lessons that can immensely help you to bring more compassion into your life and the world, by opening your heart and allowing you to embrace all human beings.

Everyone has a story

Many times we are quick to judge and criticize people, without looking at what they’ve been through.

Almost all the people you happen to meet, have experienced many difficulties, and are secretly fighting their own, inner battles. Many of them had to undergo painful experiences that traumatized them, making them at times behave in ways that are not kind and nice, thinking that this way they are protecting themselves from any possible danger from those around them.

The moment we realize that this, we can look at people from a whole different perspective, which will allow us to treat them in a more compassionate manner, even if they are not compassionate toward us, since we’ll understand that they don’t consciously intend to harm anyone–it’s their conditioning that unconsciously urges them to behave in a certain way, unaware of the consequence of their actions.

No one is perfect

Everyone is unique, but no one is perfect. Each and every person has flaws, and if we expect them to behave perfectly, they will inevitably let us down.

Mistakes help us grow, and people are constantly learning from their mistakes. Life is a school, and we’re all growing, day by day.

Accept people they way they are, realizing that they are all learning from life and slowly are turning into more and more conscious beings.

We are all on the same journey

Everyone is walking his or her own path, but the destination of all people is exactly the same.

We all deep down want to overcome suffering and are seeking peace and fulfillment. In our efforts, to find and follow our bliss, some of us get side-tracked, and do things that might negatively affect ourselves and those around them.

When we realize that we are all on the same journey, we’ll start cooperating with one another in order to achieve our common goals: health, happiness, love, freedom. We’ll stop putting obstacles to one another, and instead help one another to create together a better world for all of us. We’ll see how interconnected we are, and embrace one other compassionately, so we can feel secure and supported in this journey, which at times can be harsh and painful.




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