Brazil PhotoLog #3: Street Art in Rio


Welcome to the 3rd entry of the Brazil photolog from Darryl Perkins, a member of the Broccoli City family. He  will be sharing pictures and stories from his 6 months in Brazil.

Hello Broccoli City family!

In this entry I am going to share some of my pics from the thriving street art scene in Rio de Janeiro. Street art is one of my favorite forms of visual art because of how raw it is and that it’s accessible to all, not confined to a wall somewhere, where only a few people have access. Street art is free.  In Rio there are dope pieces throughout the city, and boring walls are alive with art.  Some of the pics in this series were taken when out with some dope artists, Smoky, Shalak, Paz, and Maka, as they transformed a wall in Santa Teresa. The others are pics from throughout the city and in Prazeres Favela…Follow the link to see the whole set… I hope you enjoy the pics!

Future…Saw this dope piece in the Prazeres favela.


The homie Smoky working on a piece in Santa Teresa.

Throughout Prazeres Favela there were amazing pieces.

Dope piece near one of the entrances to Prazeres Favela. A friend, who does great work with the youth in the favela, introduced me to some young people who gave me a tour of their neighborhood.

This shot is of one of the many stairways of Prazeres. The alleyways and stairways which you take to traverse the favela are alive with great street art.

Shalak, Smoky, and Paz on top of the Lapa arches.


Shalak mixing up paint.

This was in the early stages of a piece in Santa Teresa. Before they started the piece, we spoke with the family whose house it was to get their blessing to paint the wall. They happily gave permission and brought us a big jug of cool water.

Amazing that only 5 hours earlier the wall was just white with nothing on it and now it’s a piece of art.


More than just art, this became a community event as everyone gathered to watch the process of art creation. This is a great pic of the artists, the people whose house was painted (in front to the left), and other members of the community. I’m in there somewhere too. lol.

While the piece was being painted some kids from the neighborhood came to watch and I took this pic… While they took the pic in their gangsta poses they hold up a sticker that says “Mas Paz” which translates to “More Peace”

Cool Cat…I just thought dude was hella cool lol


Full wall piece in Lapa

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