Brazil Photolog 2


Welcome to the 2nd entry of the Brazil photolog from our Broccoli City family, Darryl Perkins. He will be sharing some of his pictures and stories from his 6 months in Brazil.

When I first arrived in Rio, I stayed with a family who had a beautiful old house on the hill between Praia do Flamengo and the neighborhood of Glória. This is a view from the house looking over a portion of Rio.

Silhouettes on Ipanema… The guy who is upside down is on a slack line which is like a tightrope that people tie between two trees and do tricks.

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Escadaria Selarón…These stairs might look familiar as they were featured in the Snoop and Pharrell “Beautiful” video but beyond the video, the stairs are a piece of art created by artist Jorge Selarón. The designs on the stairs are actually thousands of tiles from all over the world which come together and form the coolest steps I’ve seen.

A view of Pão De Açúcar (Sugarloaf)…A really cool, smaller, lesser known beach in Rio is beach is Praia Vermelha. Dope spot.

On a Hot Day in Rio kids go swimming in a fountain… What’s the point of a fountain if you can’t swim in it?


Lapa Arches illuminated at night.

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